The thermography is an analysis technique that measures the thermal energy emitted from an object through the use of a infrared camera. The cameras produce the surface thermal mapping of an object, that is, images of heat radiation matched with a colour palette with a temperature scale. E. Lab carries out all the infrared thermal inspections with second-level certified thermographic operator UNI-EN 473/ISO 9712 and infrared camera Flir SC660.
The thermal survey is an instrument for non-contact measurement of temperature efficient in order to study and monitor different systems. It ensures the customer a considerable time and resources saving, finding hundreds of application examples in mechanical, environmental, farming, electrical and electronic, building-architectural field.
Our main activities are:

  •   Determination of energy dispersions
  •   Identification of thermal bridges
  •   Research of humidity in different structural elements
  •   Monitoring of drying process of buildings
  •   Research of water infiltration
  •   Assessment of insulation of conditioning plants
  •   Monitoring of different typologies of plants (industrial, electrical, photovoltaic)
  •   Control of cultivation’s state of health and prevention activities (precision farming)
  •   Energy certification
  •   Monitoring of garbage

    IR resolution: 940 x 480 pixel
    Operating range: from -15 °C to +50 °C