Precision farming

Precision Farming is a set of high tech applications that allows an optimal management of the farm diversifying spatially both the use of the sources and the farming techniques to choose in order to increase the yield limiting the wastes and acting in favour of a better quality of the environmental.
While the classic approach of the winemaker is characterized by the evaluation of the conditions and average needs of the entire vineyard, the precision farming techniques allow to plan the strategies for harvesting and define the optimal farming practices (such as irrigation, pruning, choice of the plant, improvement of soil, fertilization, phytosanitary treatments ) not only for the entire vineyards but also for the single portions of the same vineyard and they allow to manage the interventions according to the real needs.
The company has integrated systems of ashore and airborne survey for the production of vigour maps of precision viticulture; in particular it uses, in addition to the images acquired by satellite and drone, the PALLA (Proximity Analysis baLLoon for multipurpose Applications) and MULO (MUltispectral Land Observation) systems and other instruments that allow spectroradiometric and grapes quality analysis.
In range of irrigation system of farms, the IrriPro software, property of our partner Irriworks, allows to improve the water use efficiency and elevate the uniformity values of watered distribution, determining a saving in the realization cost and a production increasing in terms of quality and quantity.


Acquisition platforms

MULO system
Fixed wing UAV
Airplane / Satellite

Field measurements

Grapes quality
Soil characteristics
Soil moisture