Gis & WebGIS

A GIS is an informative system that allows to acquire, recorded, analysed, visualized and returned the information obtained by geographical data. The new GIS technologies permit to manage data different from each other and thanks to their adaptability they are an essential instrument for researches focused on the management, planning and monitoring of the territory and aspects relative to the environment in socio-economic terms too.
A GIS is a effective solution for public and private authority that need information about the territory. When an informative system (business or global) is shared in the net , it becomes a WebGIS and it allows the communication and sharing of information with other customers.
Through a GIS environment E.Lab carries out:

  •   Creation, management and update of environmental geo-databases
  •   Processing and production of thematic maps
  •   Orthorectification and georeferencing of maps
  •   Services for geologists, engineers, agronomists, archaeologists, architects
  •   Applications for the tourism (museums, ecological trails, etc…)
  •   GIS Consultancy
  •   Elaboration in 3D models
  •   Spatial and geostatistical analysis