Elaboration of Remote Sensing images

The remote sensing allows to obtain information about the environmental and objects placed at a distance through electromagnetic radiation measurements, emitted, reflected and transmitted that interacts with the surfaces of interest.
It permits to overtake the difficulties connected with the traditional measurement campaigns allowing the instantaneous observation of wide areas and giving dynamic information (data acquisition in different times of a same surface of interest) without perturb the observed objected and with contained costs. E.Lab deals with remote sensing to investigate different aspects of the territory and obtain opportune information by using drones, aerial and satellite platforms.
After the acquisition, the company proceeds with the pre-processing of the images in order to adjust the radiometric and geometrical distortions and then with a further analysis and finish methods to create thematic maps useful to the management and environmental study on the basis of the specific requests of the customer.
The application fields concern:
· water remote sensing (bullettins)
· soil remote sensing
· vegetation remote sensing (bullettins)