Drones and Equipment

The new frontier regarding the aerial shot at low altitude is represented by drones, remote controlled aircrafts. The drones allow the acquisition of high resolution images and videos, quickly and with moderate prices.
The possibility to equip them with different sensors (infrared or multispectral cameras) make the drones usable in numerous application fields: territory control, environmental monitoring, preventative measures during an emergency, cartographic products, photograph documents of cultural and archaeological heritage, infrastructure inspections as photovoltaic systems and power lines, precision farming, aerial photogrammetry, videos and photos for advertising purposes.
Their ability to arrive in place that are difficult to reach allows to protect men in dangerous operations. Our pilot is a qualified expert. Thanks to E.Lab the productive and clever use of the drones for civil purposes represents a strengthened and proven reality in the Sicilian territory.
Our remote controlled drone NT4-contras is equipped with 8 engines, two by two opposing, that allow it a notable stability. The sophisticated control units and the GPS allow it to carry out flights previously planned. It broadcasts the shoot recorded by the sensor on board to the specific monitor ashore in real time.
DJI Spark, lightweight and small SAPR, suitable for surveys in urban areas. It has 12 Mpixel camera onboard.
The remote controlled hexacopter Aibotix X6 has highly configurable flight-characteristics for every need: fully automatic take off and landing by just using one switch; dynamic Points of Interest (POI); it can carry high payload up to 2 Kg and up to 30 minutes of flight time; standardized interface for new sensors and new modular design that enables the integration of many kinds of sensors.


GoPro Hero 3
Sony DSC-RX100
Tetracam ADC Lite
Optris thermal camera
Hokuyo UTM-30LX Laser scanner
Microtector G460 gas detector